Marshall Plan Charities utilizes an holistic approach to lifting impoverished rural villages out of the cycle of poverty and despair through an outreach program that provides access to education, nutrition, clean water, healthcare, and economic opportunity.



To create educational opportunities through the construction of schools or the renovation of existing structures and creating partnerships with governmental and non-profit organizations for sustained performance.


To provide healthy and sustainable food sources by implementing sustainable agriculture programs and providing access to resources and agronomy education programs and advisors.


To deliver access to clean drinking water and improvements to agriculture irrigation systems.


To increase the accessibility of quality healthcare and medical services providers and to promote a community centered health and sanitation awareness outreach program.


To reverse the systemic cycle of poverty through skills based training and the creation of sustainable livelihoods.

Together we can build the foundation of peace.


Marshall Plan Charities is partnering with villages in Herat Province in western Afghanistan who desperately need the basic fundamentals for living a peaceful and prosperous life. Marshall Plan Charities' first village project was in Khairabad in the southern reaches of Herat Province just east of Highway One. The project consisted of a new school, clinic, vocational training center, water wells, and agriculture improvements. Today, over 500 boys and girls are attending school, the clinic treats over 100 patients a week, agriculture production has increased, and the local villagers have learned welding, weaving, sewing, and carpentry skills. As we expand north from Khairabad, we will deliver the same opportunities to new villages creating an overlapping network of stable and prosperous villages that will provide economic opportunity and access to education, healthcare, nutrition, and clean water. Over time, we will continue to expand the network to include neighboring provinces. Through your support, our outreach will provide the people of Afghanistan the hope to break the endemic cycle of poverty that encompasses their daily life and allow them to flourish in the peace and prosperity brought by opportunity.



Joanne Herring has spent a lifetime mastering the art of building cooperation between diverse groups. Long known within the corridors of power in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ms. Herring's role in southwest Asia was brought to American audiences on the movie screen when the story of "Charlie Wilson's War" in the 1980s was retold in 2007. She and Congressman Charlie Wilson were instrumental in forcing the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan. She is credited with acquiring Saudi matching funds to covert U.S. aid that tipped the balance against the Soviets.


She worked for over 20 years among the villages of Pakistan restructuring cottage industries. Her ability to work with all parties – government ministers, factory owners and  workers – earned her Pakistan's highest medal, The Quaid y Asam.


Ms. Herring was appointed Pakistan's first and only Oman Consul General to the United States under President Zulficar Bhutto. Her success in this role inspired Afghan's President Zia to make her his personal advisor and to name her Afghanistan's Ambassador at Large to the United States.


King Hussain II of Morocco became aware of her achievements and asked President Zia to share her as a duel Consul-General, making Ms. Herring the only woman to serve two Muslim countries simultaneously as Consul-General. Ms. Herring remains the only single woman allowed unlimited entry into Saudi Arabia unaccompanied — without a Visa.


Ms. Herring's innate ability to build relationships and deliver solutions has served both governments and citizens of nations around the world. Ms. Herring continues to fight for those with out a voice. Her philanthropic contributions continue today as the founder of Marshall Plan Charities. Through her vision, Marshall Plan Charities is delivering hope and opportunity to rural villages around the world that struggle day in and day out to be lifted out of poverty and despair.


Simply put, no other American woman has the experience that ranges from the most remote villages of the world to the highest echelons of government. Ms. Herring has engaged world leaders and village chieftains and through her experience is delivering on her promise of peace and prosperity for those most affected by the ravages of poverty, famine, and human suffering.



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