Health Initiative Overview

August 8, 2011

Marshall Plan Charities is working closely with the Ministry of Health, the village leadership of Afghanistan and the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington DC on plans for a basic-needs health care clinic in Khairabad. The clinic will service the medical needs of approximately 2500 women, children and men . Health concerns in Khairabad include tuberculosis, dysentery, malaria, and influenza. There are no midwives in Khairabad, but we intend to change that. Note that constructing a health clinic in the village of Khairabad is ideal as Khairabad is a central location, providing access to all villages in the Shouz area. We will be updating you on the specifics of the clinic plans after the Marshall Plan Charities team returns from our site trip to Khairabad on August 5-13.

We are partnering with International Medical Corps on medical and pharmaceutical supplies.