Blogging from Afghanistan, Part 2

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Monday, the 4th day of our trip and 2nd in country, was another busy and productive day.  The day began with an early morning interview of a prospective candidate for the Marshall Plan Charities In-Country Coordinator.   It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Haidari.  He is an engaging, 25 year local resident who holds high aspirations for the future of his country.  Mr. Haidari is the founder and Director of the Shindand Women’s Social Foundation.  He has achieved tremendous success with the training programs he has developed at the Women’s Foundation and demonstrates the initiative and innovation needed to make the Model Village Project a success.  In a country so strife with problems, it was refreshing to speak with someone, who is willing to risk so much to improve the lives of his fellow Afghans.

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Blogging from Afghanistan, Part 1

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Marshall Plan Charities is in Afghanistan this week, laying the ground work for our model village project in the province of Herat.  MPC Advisers Paul Erickson and Doug Rine, along with (myself) MPC Executive Director Sarah Lenti, finally arrived in province on Sunday, August 7, after about 36 hours of planes, planes, and more planes.  (Go ahead and google Herat and Shindand Airfield and you will get a feel for our exact geographic location).  To set the scene, we have posted some pictures for you of our trek and arrival.

We arrived at Herat International and were immediately greeted by a swarm of very intent Afghani boys more »

Herring’s recovered art will be sold to aid Afghan villages

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Charlie Wilson’s War Trailer featuring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks

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Diplomatic duo Mosbacher and Herring gain new European titles

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